"Unpause: Resume the normal functioning from a paused state. Change the settings, unpause the game to keep playing."

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I first picked up photography while studying a Bachelor of Graphic Design degree in 1996 at Australia's famed national School of Design in Melbourne. I bought an old Pentax K1000 from a pawn shop on Chapel Street and loved the days of manual photography, from loading the 35mm film to developing the negatives in the darkroom.


Spending hours processing the film by hand, it felt like magic waiting for the chemicals to reveal the images. I knew then that Graphic Design wasn't for me and that my heart really wanted to pursue photography, but the internet had just arrived in Australia so I kept with design choosing to focus on the emerging field of multimedia.

I knew I was chasing a career rather than following my passion, but I don't hate that choice because it's taken me around the world to live and work in Melbourne, London, Istanbul, San Francisco and Sydney working for some of the world's biggest companies including the biggest and most prestigious, Apple.

All the while I knew I'd come back home to Australia, and all the while I wished I'd make the time to lean in more to photography - to unpause my passion. So, during Covid I quit my job managing design at Atlassian and decided to chase my dreams. 


Thank you for joining me here, I hope you like the work and I hope it can brighten up a wall somewhere in your life.

In loving memory of Matthew Kappler 1975-2015.

Australian special forces Commando 2007-2015.