Iceberg Fire

Sydney, June 2021.


The sunrise of the year! Shot over the famed Icebergs pool on a beautiful Winter's morning, the sky lit up on fire while the swimmers below exdercise in the chilled pool water. 

Iceberg Fire

  • Digitally hand crafted artwork from an Apple designer. I sweat the details, painstakingly crafting each image over many hours in my studio once I've captured the shot on location. 


    I've lived and breathed world class quality throughout my professional life so I don't do budget prints. Your print uses the highest quality printing with museum grade Hahnemühle Metallic Pearl paper to lift the image off the paper with vibrancy, texture and a stunning sheen. Your printer is one of only a handful certified Hahnemühle printers in Australia so quality is guaranteed.


    The artwork is housed within fine Australian wood frames including raw Tasmania Oak, and finished with a classic white border mount.

  • Size dimensions listed above are the size of the paper. Framed and mounted prints are physically larger.


    Frames are 20-30mm in width depedning on the size of the print.


    The width of the mount is relative to the size of the print i.e. thinner on A1 and thicker on A3.