Shipping Policy

Free shipping worldwide.

We'll let you know when orders have been made and the products are on their way to you.

Where possible, we will provide delivery estimate and package tracking however, we do rely on trusted 3rd party services for printing, framing and fulfillment and as such, we are beholden to their processes and timeframes. As a guide, please allow at least 2 weeks for the printing, framing and delivery.

Return & Exchange Policy

Refunds, returns and/or exchanges will be accepted for products that have been sold and/or shipped due to incorrect product listing on the site.

Once the order has been taken and the printing & framing process has been invoked, Unpause Pty. Ltd. cannot refund, return or exchange products for change of mind, change of heart, accidental purchases, user error i.e. incorrect address input etc., delays in delivery etc.

The services we are using to fulfill your purchase are trusted by us and we use them ourselves. 


As printing, framing and shipping is handled by 3rd parties, Unpause Pty. Ltd. cannot guarantee the product or offer refunds, returns or exchanges unexpected product attributes i.e. print quality, print colour, frame quality, frame size, frame colour, mat/mount size, mat/mount colour, display glass quality or damage,  damaged frame, damaged prints, printing irregularities, and anything of or pertaining to the quality of the product or expectations of the customer.