Customer Care

Personal details are collected at the point of purchase so we can offer customer support. All other information you provide on is simply used to complete transactions, prepare the product and fulfill the shipment.  

Privacy & Security

We practice what we preach and value privacy and security A LOT! 


Unpause Pty. Ltd. will not use your data for anything other than fulfilling product purchases or customer support. Your data will not be provided wittingly or sold knowingly to any 3rd parties.


We’d never suggest you to use a product or service we wouldn’t use ourselves. does however rely on trusted 3rd parties for printing and framing services, shipping and fulfilment services, hosting the domain, hosting the website, managing payments including payment verification and transactions. Unpause Pty. Ltd. cannot guarantee and is not liable for any breaches in security or privacy from data provided to any 3rd parties.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards